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      • American Apparel, Enter New Retail Dimension

        American Apparel are opening a new store in Second Life, a virtual retail space.
        Springwise report that the store, set on a private island within Second Life, was designed by Aimee Weber, a Second Life resident and designer, in conjunction with American Apparel's own arc

      • Toyota Massed Produced Houses

        Toyota production lines churning out houses? Well they have since 1975 but it is growing steadily. An article in the Toronto Star reports that Toyota is doing homes that are mass produced like Toyota cars. About 85 per cent of the work on the metal-frame cubicles is finished at th

      • New Zealand Government Plan to Influence Consumer Behaviour
        The New Zealand Government has embarked on a 'Buy New Zealand Made Campaign'. The Government is going to promote a 'Buy New Zealand Made' message to New Zealand consumers.

        I think there is a case for food and other such primary products that are made locally. It would

      • Banking on 'better customer experience'

        David Polinchock, in his blog The Experience Economist on a story run by NBC station in New York on how banks are changing to create a better in branch experience. The article points out that the driver behind these kinder, gentler banks is fierce competition. Radical new design of bran

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