Bookable Rich Media Ads 
Sunday, July 6, 2008, 10:02 PM - Mobile Banking, Business Innovation, Channel Management, Brands, Technology

This format offers a great way for Advertisers to meaningfully engage their audience.

Spongecell, makes online calendars with social features, has launched Spongecell Rich Media Ads. These ads offer a new way for advertisers to connect with people and provide some functional value at the same time. People can view Ads about an upcoming product launch, event, or TV show, and are able to add it to their calendar/social network/mobile device and invite friends without leaving the ad unit!

The example above appears to be an ad for a music event, but this format offers plenty of potential to any promotions with date/time relative information, promotions, coupons with dates, etc. To quote Spongecell, "We’re adding our Add to Life technology to a standard IAB advertisement to make it easy for a consumer to easily move relevant content from an advertisement into the tools they use every day - Calendar, Social Network, Mobile device or home page - think of it as a bookmark for an online campaign."
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Service Design - Capability Development Workshops 
Thursday, December 13, 2007, 09:09 PM - Mobile, Business Innovation, Channel Management, Customer Experience, Service Design, Cross Channel Marketing,
I've been focussing recently on developing Service Design capability for an organisation which has a strong desire to create great services and customer experience. Recently I've set up six Communities of Practice (CoPs) which focus on key areas of development for customer-centered design expertise. These include: design strategy, service systems, customer experience, interaction design, service enbedding, project leadership. The Communities of Practice are the learning and knowledge sharing channels for design methodolgies, tools, techniques, and principles of design.

I've had a lot fun recently developing more workshops to initiate and drive a common sense of purpose for the CoPs and we've had truely great organisations and people helping us.

We did a Service Prototyping workshop with IDEO. A fantastic team came out from their San Francisco Office which included Laura Weiss, Gretchen Addi, and Colin Raney. It was a really engaging and insightful three days. The learning has been huge covering territory from user insights methods, brainstorming and idea generation, through to proto-typed concepts capable of igniting interest and buy-in across the organisation. It was centred around a real project which now has a team putting the learnings into practice.

We had Michael Eckersley from Human Centered run a two day workshop on Customer Experience Design. Michael was a fantastic presenter and provided good balance between thought provocation and practice insights.

Otago University Design School ran a interaction Design workshop led by Thomas Bley and Ralf Hebecker. This was a really hands on workshop that challenged particpants to question design and design thinking relative to our business context.

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Design and Innovation Workshops 
Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 10:05 PM - Mobile, Business Innovation, Channel Management, Service Design
Professor Charles Owen from the (IIT) Institiute of Design in Chicago was in New Zealand recently to speak on User-Centered Design with the Public Sector. I had the pleasure of running a couple of Workshops with him for some Communities of Practice within the Service Design Group at a Government Agency.

The first workshop focused on the characteristics of Design Thinking. It was incredibly insightful but challenging for particpants, some of whom are just being introduced design. Thinking about the thinking process of design deals with idea generation, conceptualising, abstraction, and synthesising. The feedback was great and participants got a lot out of this that they could apply in the work.

The second workshop focused on and introduction to Structured Design Planning and Activity Analysis. Structured Design Planning is an approach to concept development for complex design problems. Professor Owen has been developing and refining this thinking since about 1966. What I found most interesting about the process was the thinking that hads that gone into the design development and dcoumentation process - it is a very powerful and useful tool for complex problem solving in the conceptual age.

Professor Owen also introduced the idea of 'Meta Planning' which I could as a valuable approach across government organiations and large design-led businesses. I have had a lot of thoughts on this and will post more on Meta-Planning.

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'User Experience' terminology 
Monday, September 18, 2006, 08:01 AM - Business Innovation, Channel Management, Service Design, Smart Space, Cross Channel Marketing, Consumer Insights
Brandon Schauer of Adaptive Path has published the initial results from their survey, looking at the range of vocabulary used for referring to 'user experience'. To quote:

There's a range of vocabulary that can be used to refer to user experience: 'usability', 'interface', 'human centered design', etc. What term we use seems to depend on what sells --- within an organization, you use the terms that connect with the values and the understanding of the people you're working with.

Adaptive Path recently conducted a survey of over 800 user experience professionals to create a base of quantitative insight into how organizations value and practice user experience. One of the simpler questions was, "If you use other terms [than 'user experience'] that are similar in meaning or intent, which terms do you use?" Here's the terms we heard, ordered by the number of times mentioned.

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American Apparel, Enter New Retail Dimension 
Sunday, June 18, 2006, 08:13 PM - Mobile, Mobile Banking, Business Innovation, Channel Management, Design - (UX), Brands, , , Retail Experience

American Apparel are opening a new store in Second Life, a virtual retail space.
Springwise report that the store, set on a private island within Second Life, was designed by Aimee Weber, a Second Life resident and designer, in conjunction with American Apparel's own architect. The store will sell 20 familiar American Apparel items for avatars, including the women's jersey polo dress. The company will charge a token sum of about USD 1 per item. It's (surprisingly!) the first 'real world' retailer to set up shop in Second Life.

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New Book on Interaction Design - Interview with Shelly Evenson on Service Design 
Sunday, May 28, 2006, 07:00 PM - Mobile, Business Innovation, Channel Management, Customer Experience, Service Design, Cross Channel Marketing, Retail Experience, Technology
Dan Saffer's new book; 'Designing for Interaction'; looks really interesting with a good line up of contributions from many people who's views I respect in the area of Interaction Design: Brenda Laurel, Adam Greenfield, Marc Rettig, Hugh Dubberly, and more.

I like what Shelly Evenson has to say about Service Design, link here to see the breif interview.

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Service Design Podcast from Northumbria  
Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 06:51 PM - Mobile, Mobile Banking, Business Innovation, Channel Management, Customer Experience, Service Design, , , Cross Channel Marketing, Retail Experience, ,
ISDN International Service Design Northmbria hosted a colloquium in March on issues around designing services, and I've finally had a chance to listen to the Podcasts. The speaker line-up included Tim Brown from IDEO, Andrea Cooper from the Design Council UK, Chris Downs from Live/Work, Steven Kyffen from Philips, and Oliver King from Engine Group. Design.

I've listed some of the really interesting Podcast sessions below, they are worth listening too. Tim Brown spoke of methodologies for approaching design, including services, and some interesting points on story telling and communicating the stories. Chris Downs spoke of the huge potential and value that can be derived from service design and service systems. Andrea Cooper picked up on some of these points also - we can take a more holistic approach to deliver to peoples needs and desires. More products is often not the answer - and the real value is often 'experienced'; though the service component i.e IPOD the customer adding favourite music. Steve Kyffen raised some good points about the complexity of designing services. They are time based and evolve well beyond the point of sale, and experienced differently every time. It requires new business models and with that new design and marketing mindsets.

You can can download ISDN Podcasts here

Service Innovation through Design Thinking from Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

Signposts for the Next Decade from Dr. Andrea Cooper, Head of Design Knowledge, Design Council

Pioneering Service Design from Chris Downs, Partner, Live/Work

Objects of Service - From Subjects to Objects and Back Again from Prof. Steven Kyffin, Global Head of Design Research, Philips Design

Better Services, Happier Customers, Oliver King Engine Group.

and much more...

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Giant Touch Screen at Chicago Airport adds a new dimension to traveler's experience 
Thursday, May 4, 2006, 06:07 PM - Business Innovation, Channel Management, Service Design, Design - (UX), , Smart Space, , Cross Channel Marketing, Retail Experience, Technology, Consumer Insights

Dwell time, or experience information on the run. Giant digital touchscreen technolgy taking off at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Revolutionary for out-of-home advertising and also for inter-office collaboration.

For more info - link here, to Accenture media release

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